Does Anxiety or Worry Interfere with Your Enjoyment in Life?

Do You Feel Overly Stressed and Have Difficulty Relaxing?

If so, Tackling Anxiety can help!

Learn the skills to tackle your anxiety to improve your life and feel better about yourself. I have written the book Tackling Anxiety: How to Regain Your Peace Of Mind for you, or for someone you care about, so that you can feel more at peace.Tackling Anxiety: How to Regain Your Peace of Mind self help book with cognitive behavioral therapy methods


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In Tackling Anxiety, I will show you:

  • How to recognize when you’re feeling anxiousTackling Anxiety: How to Regain Your Peace of Mind is a self-help book helps by using cognitive behavioral therapy for worry, anxiety, and panic
  • How to work with your own thoughts to lessen anxiety
  • How to change your behavior to overcome anxiety
  • How to accept anxiety as a normal emotion
  • How anxiety can actually be useful
  • How to understand the different types of anxiety

Anxiety is difficult. It makes you feel nervous, confused, helpless, tense, even crazy or out of control. Anxiety can also be physical – it can make your heart race or your stomach tie in knots, you may have nausea or break out in a cold sweat. All of this feels much worse if you don’t know what is causing it, or if you are without effective tools. Anxiety is a normal, universal human emotion that reveals itself in many forms and degrees, from a mild case of sweaty palms, to a night consumed with worry, to a full-blown panic attack. Everyone experiences anxiety and its effects, and everyone can learn to tackle it. I’ll show you how.

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If you feel as though anxiety is blocking your ability to enjoy life, or is keeping you from pursuing your dreams and goals, it’s time to tackle it. Tackling Anxiety will show you how to do just that. Order my book and start getting help right away!

My Tackling Anxiety Promise to You

I wrote this book as a guide to help you better understand and begin to tackle your anxiety. It’s not a miracle cure, but I’m confident that you will find the content helpful, especially if you put the ideas into practice! I am sincere in my wish to contribute to your well-being. Let me know how you like it!


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About the Author
Ernest S. Schmidt, LCSW
Certified Cognitive Therapist

Since 1996 Ernest Schmidt has been dedicated to helping people work past problems in order to reach happier, more fulfilled lives. His overall mission is to help people achieve their goals through education and their own honest effort, without the necessity of long-term counseling.

Ernest Schmidt is the founder of Palo Alto Therapy in Palo Alto, CA. He was a tenured faculty member of Foothill College in Los Altos Hills where he offered personal counseling, training and supervision to new therapists, and taught students the basics of stress management and emotional wellness. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of the Pacific, a master’s degree from UC Berkeley, and a certification in Cognitive Therapy through the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.