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Positive Comments About Tackling Anxiety

You’ve written this book in such an open and honest manner. It is easy to read, entertaining, and very helpful. I truly appreciate how you have presented skills. You provide a road map to implementing new skills and thoughts into daily life. I believe everyone who reads Tackling Anxiety will benefit. I have already recommended it to many people.

I LOVED IT. I can see myself in many of the examples. My life is riddled with anxiety to the point of back pain, lack of sleep, biting nails, etc. Looking forward to living a less anxious life! Thanks!
Emily Fridae

Tackling Anxiety is a great resource for anxious people everywhere. I’ve learned so much from this book—what anxiety is, what feeds it, and how to handle it. Ernest Schmidt obviously knows his stuff and has a great natural ability to pass that knowledge on to others. Best of all, he never talks down to you or tells you your anxiety is a “problem” that he’s going to “fix.” He’s helped me to understand that anxiety is just an emotion that I can deal with!
Sarah A.

As someone who has endured anxiety and panic attacks for a number of years, I highly recommend Tackling Anxiety: How to Regain Your Peace of Mind.  With thoughtful insight on how anxiety develops, you will understand how to not only deal with the fear, but work through overcoming it. If you experience anxiety, you will benefit from reading this ebook.
Karen Wickham

Wanted to let you know that I just finished reading your ebook and I love it! I really liked the worksheets you included; they are super helpful. Many people have written about anxiety, but you have your own take on it that is extremely understandable to the lay person. I’m sure you are a fantastic teacher because Tackling Anxiety was very easy to read and understand, and had great info on understanding anxiety and on treating it. You did a great job and I think Tackling Anxiety will really help a lot of people.
Lisa DiMarino, LMFT, Founder of Pacific Wellness Center

Your writing is simple, but extremely informative and understandable. You quickly put your reader at ease, acknowledge his concerns, validate his pain and remove his shame. You explain what is happening in a way that removes the fear factor; i.e. you remove the, “anxiety over having anxiety.” Then you offer solutions we can use to help ourselves, or to know when to seek further help if we need to.

Where we may feel shame for being weak or too sensitive, you reassure us that we are having normal reactions to the everyday problems of living, and that the pressure builds up on us because we don’t recognize our stress and, therefore, we’re not dealing with it until it becomes overwhelming. Your ebook explains how to regain the control in our lives and within ourselves that we need in order to relax, and it’s not at all difficult to do because of the rational, down-to-earth way you explain things.

I immediately felt that you understood my problems after reading the first few pages. Tackling Anxiety told me exactly what I needed to know to get things started. Thank you for this ebook.
Broderick, Entrepreneur


Tackling Anxiety, How to Regain Your Peace of Mind, is awesome! Your ebook is filled with important information, and you do a really good job in explaining, teaching, and simplifying anxiety and what’s needed to improve it. Tackling Anxiety makes complete sense, it’s easy to read and very informative. I think other people will enjoy it and find it useful, too. Thank you!
Suzy Sanders

Tackling Anxiety provides refreshingly direct and honest answers about an often confusing subject. This is a thoughtful tool for anyone looking to better understand the emotion of anxiety.
Julianne Donofrio, Journalist, Producer, Multimedia Production Specialist TheHardestYear

Sooner or later many of us are struck on some level with some form or degree of anxiety; at that time we may experience a stronger or lesser measure of anxiety than a family member, a co-worker or a neighbor. Nevertheless, our anxiety at that time may pose any number of problems for us. Further, how we react to or deal with those problems and that anxiety can differ as well.

I was excited to find Ernest Schmidt’s “Tackling Anxiety: How to Regain Your Peace of Mind.” It’s an easy-read, and can be especially helpful to someone experiencing anxiety on any number of levels. It will also be useful for someone who just now and then goes through a run of insecure thinking.

I particularly like that Mr. Schmidt has included his own personal experiences with anxiety in a number of common situations; they show how he reacted to different scenarios and how he handled them. It can be reassuring to know that someone you know has also gone through like circumstances.

The definitions, the graphs and the worksheets are a nice addition, too, and help to make it easier to tackle and to better understand some of the issues that may from time to time accompany anxiety.

This ebook is well-written and definitely an informative piece for someone who’s actually experiencing anxiety or for family members and friends that want to be there for their loved ones when they are. I look forward to reading other works by Schmidt.
Karen McGreevey, Owner and CEO, Konceptuality

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